With BOVAA, Hilde Vandewalle and Salvatore Bono wish to practice a socially engaged architecture. Their projects are inspired by a vision based on four principles:

Architecture should generate wonder, particularly, wonder for the beauty of the world surrounding us, helping us to rediscover and love it every day.

The quality of the architectural design depends on its capacity to inspire and to implement virtuous relationships between building, users and environment. The project starts from the understanding of the specific contextual pattern.

Collective art
The dialogue between all the actors of the design process, especially between the client and the architect, is of strategic importance. A cross-disciplinary team has to be involved from the earliest stage of the design. Only through a holistic approach can the architect manage the myriad of parameters composing a contemporary project definition. The architecture finally emerges throughout an interactive and participative process.

A project is the search for unity and identity providing an as simple as possible answer to the complexity, yet not a simplistic one